This is a time to learn, think and do differently. We’re grounded in our purpose to maximise human potential and are committed to developing a path that offers buzzing learning opportunities. Simply put, we’ll help you be the best you can be.


    We are proudly developing a group of schools and learning spaces for 2 – 18-year-olds across Malaysia. We are in the business of getting better,
    taking a transformational approach to educational spaces. Our family includes:

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    More Schools and Learning Spaces Coming Soon.

    Our [BE]liefs

    Bonanza Educare has a clear purpose that goes beyond grades, to maximise human potential through a buzzing learning environment; to be the best you can be.

    We believe that successful schools are the ones that put learning at the heart of everything they do, aiming to develop rounded individuals that are able to flourish in a rapidly changing world.

    Buzz into Learning

    full of energy, creating that rush to want to know what happens next; the possibilities are endless, the obstacles are exciting and our community is empowered. There’s a huge difference between relaying information and energizing a whole class for the challenges ahead. Be aware, ‘the buzz’ is a contagious feeling!

    [BE] Caring

    devoted to each and every student, colleague and detail; our students’ wins and struggles are seen and supported with constant care and attention.

    Getting [Be]tter All the Time

    marked by an intense desire to see, investigate and learn; compelled to ask questions, understand, lead and to grow. Our students and staff flourish on their lifelong learning journey.


    greeted with warmth, a place where you can be yourself and be supported with the tools and confidence to reach your fullest potential. Communication is our best tool to share and foster understanding with all of our communities.

    Who We Are

    The group was founded by an experienced team of educationalists and commercial operators, who successfully developed Tenby Schools as one of Malaysia’s largest groups of international and private schools, which sold in 2016.

    Each one of our schools is remarkable in its own way, and we are using our expertise to listen to and support the diverse qualities of our school communities in getting #BetterTogether

    You can [BE]


    Equally different, extraordinary together; the SiWu scholarship programme offers exceptional students the opportunity to rise to their full potential and make their mark on the world.

    Students who have outstanding achievements in academics, creative arts and sports, and those who display strong leadership qualities and exceptional character are encouraged to apply to individual schools, following their deadlines.

    In the News

    Here’s a space to tell our story of our work and the transformation taking place across our schools.


    Would you like to take your teaching passion to Malaysia and benefit from the support to help you succeed in your career?

    We provide permanent and placement teaching positions in our schools and centres across the country. Our students are buzzing to learn and do well and our supportive parents give us a real sense of community.


    We’re committed to a culture of continuous improvement, which is why we’re always engaging our community to gather feedback to optimise the learning experience. Grow with us.